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GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hyderabad campus


The Department of English offers MA, MPhil and PhD, besides BA with English as one of the core subjects, and courses in English Communication at all the Schools in GITAM Hyderabad Campus. The faculty team is diverse, talented, dedicated, and innovative. The work environment is vibrant, challenging, supportive and empathetic. The department nurtures a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Seminars, conferences, symposia, and workshops on interdisciplinary themes, and lectures by eminent scholars and writers are the highlights of the department calendar. The department publications include authored books, scholarly editions, collections of research papers, journal articles, and works in various genres of creative writing.

The department offers English Communication courses designed to enhance the student’s language skills as well as their critical and creative thinking abilities. Students of English Studies at the BA and MA levels are guided to read, analyze, understand and interpret texts from British, American, Indian and World literatures across the ages in a variety of genres. They gain insights into the evolution of the English language and its characteristics through courses in language and linguistics. ELT courses provide insights into the history, methods and approaches of teaching English. Students are given ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and craft of writing besides honing their speaking skills.  Students and research scholars are encouraged to explore various genres, examine different cultural perspectives, and inquire into the larger questions about representation in different historical and social contexts.

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